It’s not just an album by The Police.

I’m a big fan of Julia Cameron and “The Artist’s Way.”  I’ve been through the book twice, and am leaning heavily toward another reading of it.  I do morning pages faithfully every day.  She talks a lot about synchronicity.

Have you ever thought about an old friend and run into them the next day?  That’s synchronicity.  Thought to yourself, “I need a new desk,” and gotten a phone call from someone who is getting rid of one? Synchronicity. Chosen a book by a Rhode Island author for your next book club topic, only to learn that your local library is having a Writers of the Ocean State event in a few weeks?  Synchronicity.

God, or the universe, or your higher consciousness wants to give you what you want.  But they aren’t just going to give it to you – you have to meet them halfway.  You have to say yes to the person offering you the desk.   You have to go to the writers event.

It’s like the story of the man who prays every week to win the lottery.  Finally, on his knees, he asks, “Why, God? Why won’t you let me win the lottery?”  And God says, “My son, you have to buy a ticket.”

Since starting this project, I’ve had so many Great Nana quotes come to mind that I’ve started keeping a list.  Things I had not thought of in years.  When I tried to come up with an “as Great Nana would say” for this post, the first thing that came to mind was, “God bless ya, God bless ya, you threw your leg over the dresser, God bless ya.” It was her response to a sneeze.  Not sure that it has anything at all to do with synchronicity, or why anyone would throw their leg over a dresser, but there it is.

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  1. I saw a tin of Bob Ross “happy little tree” mints at the store today……got home and the theme of the daily word ladder puzzle was Bob Ross……😊

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