You may say I’m a dreamer…

…and you’d be right. I have always had very vivid dreams, and most of the time I remember them. I didn’t realize until fairly recently that a lot of people either don’t dream or don’t remember them. I need to put a notebook beside my bed because some of them, I think, would make for interesting fiction.

They’re not always pleasant. I’ve had seriously scary nightmares since I was very small. A lot of the time, it’s me trying to get away from someone or something and either there’s no where to hide or I can’t run. Other times it’s something that starts out perfectly normal and then is suddenly horrifying. Either way, I wake up gasping, and have to lie in bed listening to the house noises to make sure it really was just a dream before I can relax enough to go back to sleep or dare a trip to the bathroom.

Another recurring dream is that I am back in the house I grew up in. A house that was bought by the airport and bulldozed several years ago. But for whatever reason, I’m either living in that house or back there trying to finish packing. Never mind that I wasn’t even living at the house at the time it was sold. Similar to this are dreams where I am back at my old job at the IGA, which is also no longer there.

The strangest dreams are the ones in the early morning before my alarm goes off. Often, I think I’m awake and living my daily life until I realize that something is out of place or someone is there who shouldn’t be. Or I can’t seem to open my eyes, even though I’m up and around.

My favorite, though, are the ones with visits from people I’ve lost. During my misspent college years, Uncle Art would generally appear in my dreams to warn me not to do whatever stupid thing I was planning to do. I didn’t always listen. Nana and Great Nana often show up in dreams about family functions.

My grandfather appears fairly frequently as well. It took a few Grampy dreams before I realized that in every one, either he’s handing me a cup of coffee or I am making one for him. Logically, it’s probably just my subconscious, because coffee is something I always associated with him. But there’s a part of me that is convinced that these dreams are really Gramps dropping in from the afterlife to have a cup of coffee with me and catch up. I look forward to those the most.

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