I’ve always been sort of resistant to audiobooks. I tried listening to them here and there, mostly while walking. My mind wandered too much and I would find myself losing large chunks of the narrative.

Working from home has given me a whole new appreciation of the audiobook. With two of us sharing our small home office for a good part of the day, I spend a lot of time plugged into earbuds. I have always needed music for reading, studying, working, doing the dishes, whatever. But one morning, just for a little variety, I downloaded an audiobook from Hoopla. I’ve been listening to books while I work most mornings since March.

If you’re not familiar with Hoopla, it’s fantastic. It links to your library card and they have everything – e-books, audiobooks, tv shows, movies and even music. You get 12 downloads a month. I’ve even been able to download movies and use Airplay to send them to my TV from my iPhone. The wonders of technology!

So, with the help of Hoopla, I’ve been chipping away at my to read list. According to my audiobooks shelf on Goodreads, I have listened to 21 books since we started isolating back in March. My favorites by far have been Rebecca (which has been on my TBR list forever) and Carrie (read by Sissy Spacek).

I’ve just this week finished East Coast Girls by Kerry Kletter. It tells the story of four friends – Maya, Blue, Hannah, and Renee – who spent their teenage summers together at the beach. The novel takes you from the present day to a night twelve years earlier which changed all of their lives forever.

As their reunion unfolds, each woman comes to terms with her part in their terrible past, and faces her current struggle. Like The Oysterville Sewing Circle, East Coast Girls is a book about women supporting each other through hard times. Seems to be a common theme with the books I’m reading lately.

Rating: 3 stars

Reason for reading: I’m a sucker for a beach book, especially one about a reunion of old friends.

Tea: Miracle Tree Chai Moringa Energy Infusion — I got this in one of my Sips by boxes and love it. Tastes fabulous and has enough caffeine to keep me going on the mornings I don’t have coffee.

If you’re interested in a Sips by subscription, message me for a referral link that will save $5 on your first box. And look for me on Instagram at @acupofteaandmytbrlist for more tea and book content.

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